Press Release - FEBRUARY 01, 2019

Challenges Facing the Next Generation of Insurance Industry Leaders Featured in Best’s Review

 Patricia Vowinkel
Executive Editor, Best’s Review®
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The February issue of Best’s Review focuses on leadership transition and steps insurers are taking to develop the next generation of talent. Generation Next examines how the industry could face a leadership gap if it does not make developing its internal talent a priority, especially Generation X, as boomers retire and leadership requirements continue to change.

“If I had to choose one subject to stress as the critical area of focus for our industry, it would be talent,” said Pina Albo, CEO, Hamilton Insurance Group. “Our current and developing leaders need to possess a broad and deep array of attributes in order to succeed, and to lead, in our rapidly evolving industry.” Other insurance industry CEOs also shared their insights on leadership and gave advice about what they learned moving up the ladder in the feature Words of Wisdom.

Companies must identify promising job candidates to keep talent moving up through the ranks. A Talent Advantage explains how insurers who offer college internship programs get an early start recruiting top talent in this hot job market. To have the opportunity to develop these talented individuals into leaders, carriers must retain them. Retention Plan looks at how insurers are getting creative to keep employees happy.

The February issue also looks at the impact of rising opioid death claims on life insurers in The Bitter Pill, and provides exclusive Best’s Rankings of the World’s Largest Insurers.

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