SEPTEMBER 27, 2019 08:10:11 Eastern Daylight Time

AM Best’s Insurance Law Podcast Discusses How Vocational Rehabilitation Impacts Claims

 John Czuba
Managing Editor, Best’s Insurance Professionals and Claims Resource
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OLDWICK - SEPTEMBER 27, 2019 08:10:11 Eastern Daylight Time
AM Best and Best’s Insurance Professionals and Claims Resource have released the latest installment of the Insurance Law Podcast, a series that examines timely claims and insurance issues from a legal perspective.

This episode addresses the present and future of vocational rehabilitation claims for those with disabilities in the United States and Canada, including: the factors considered in processing them; differences in the way the two countries handle them; and their impact on the insurance industry.

The podcast features expert service provider Dan Thompson, president and chief executive officer of DeeGee Rehabilitation Technologies with offices in Ontario, Canada and Arizona. Mr. Thompson is a registered rehabilitation and vocational professional, as well as a certified life care planner. His company provides expert opinions to insurance carriers, attorneys and medical professionals.

DeeGee Rehabilitation Technologies is a qualified member of Best’s Recommended Insurance Attorneys and Adjusters, including Expert Service Providers, a claims industry resource that has featured qualified legal counsel, independent insurance adjusting services and expert service providers since 1929.

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