Press Release - SEPTEMBER 19, 2018

A.M. Best Analysts to Provide Market Insights, Discuss Innovation and Financial Strength at Bermuda Briefing

 Stacey Ancker
Manager, Corporate Events
+1 908 439 2200, ext. 5747

Christopher Sharkey
Manager, Public Relations
(908) 439 2200, ext. 5159

Jim Peavy
Director, Public Relations
(908) 439 2200, ext. 5644


A.M. Best will host its Insurance Market Briefing at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club in Hamilton, Bermuda, on Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018, at which its leading analysts will deliver market insights, highlight specific developments in the sectors and will discuss innovation and its impact on financial strength.

Topics to be discussed and session leaders include:

  • Introductory remarks – Matthew C. Mosher, executive vice president and chief operating officer;

  • Market overview and trends – Robert DeRose, senior director, reinsurance;

  • Mortgage risk and tax changes – rating implications – Steven Chirico, director, reinsurance; and

  • Innovation – rating implications – Sridhar Manyem, director, industry research and analytics.

The complimentary event will accommodate networking opportunities with A.M. Best rating management and industry delegates. Attendance is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. To register, please visit . Follow the event on Twitter @AMBestRatings and use the hashtag #AMBBermuda18 .

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