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Solvency II. Cyber. Where Will The New Adjusters Come From?

A.M. BestTV speaks with Anthony Silverman, associate director of analytics, A.M. Best, about Solvency II. Cyber take-up rates and pricing strategies are discussed in an interview with Fred Eslami, associate director, and Bobby Skrabal, industry analyst, A.M. Best.
  • August 2018
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A.M. BestTV

A.M. Best's Silverman: Solvency II Reporting Sheds Additional Light on Insurers
Anthony Silverman, associate director of analytics, A.M. Best, explains how Solvency II financial reporting reveals additional detail about insurers' solvency capital, nonlife risk margins and unit-linked reserving practices.



A.M. Best Analysts: Cyber Coverage Is a Tale of Two Markets
Fred Eslami, associate director, and Bobby Skrabal, industry analyst, A.M. Best, said take-up rates, prices and expectations for cyber coverage differ between large and medium-to-small organizations. Insurers are still developing pricing and coverage strategies, they said in reviewing a new special report.

Insurance Adjusters Say a Big Challenge Is Finding Their Own Replacements
Attendees to the annual conference of the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters said the sector must emphasize recruiting and internships in order to attract new talent.

Investment Managers: Slowly Rising Rates Should Help Captives' Portfolios
Investment and captive experts said captive insurers will benefit from rising interest rates, but not if the rates rise too quickly and depress bond yields and raise collateral requirements. The managers spoke with A.M. BestTV at the Bermuda Captive Conference, held in Southampton, Bermuda.

NAIC's Gann: Insurers Should Follow Investment and Credit Loss Issues
Julie Gann, senior manager, National Association of Insurance Commissioners, said the working group that covers statutory account principles is handling two issues important to insurers: investment classification and expected credit loss standards. Gann spoke with A.M. BestTV at the 2018 IASA conference.

A.M. BestRadio

NCIP's Poulton: FEMA's Move to Issue Cat Bond Is a Positive Step, Not a Solution
Broker Craig Poulton of Poulton Associates, administrator of the Natural Catastrophe Insurance Program, said U.S. flood risk would be better addressed by widening the availability of private flood coverage.

Author: What If NYC Flooded and Remained Flooded?
Author Jeff Goodell's new book, The Water Will Come, explores the idea of sea levels rising, and how that would affect major cities.

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