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Today's Surplus Lines Market, Hawaii and a Hang-Gliding RRG

A panel of industry leaders reviews the surplus lines market. A.M. BestTV on Hawaii and flood insurance. A.M. Best Radio on a risk retention group devoted to hang gliders.
  • October 2018
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Inside Today's Surplus Lines Market

A panel of industry leaders reviews the market and highlights a new report that updates the relative positions of carriers in the market and examines regulatory developments, distribution, solvency, availability and coverage. (Sept. 19, 2018)


State of the Global Reinsurance Market

A panel of industry executives and analysts reviews the state of the reinsurance markets, including trends in pricing and availability, the role of third-party capital, the outlook for mergers and acquisitions, regulatory developments and more. (Sept. 6, 2018)


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Coming Soon

D2C: How Life and Annuity Insurers Are Reinventing Distribution

A panel of business and technology experts will examine how insurers are using state-of-the-art, digital platforms that allow for faster speed to market for new products, faster entry into new marketing channels, improved customer experiences and more effective, variable cost administration. Sponsored by Cognizant.

Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2 p.m. EDT

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A.M. Best TV


A.M. Best Analysts: Hawaii Dodged Hurricane, Still Exposed to Flooding

Steve DeLosa and Bobby Skrabal, A.M. Best, said relatively few Hawaii homeowners purchase flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program. Meanwhile, insurers appear to have avoided major impact from recent storm activity. (Aug. 30, 2018)


A.M. Best Analysts: U.S. Health Insurers Become More Aggressive Investors

Jennifer Asamoah, financial analyst, and Jason Hopper, associate director, industry research and analytics, said health insurers' investments have included more nontraditional assets and higher-risk bonds. (Aug. 29, 2018)


A.M. Best's Thomas: Insurers Are Pursuing a Range of Post-Brexit Plans

Catherine Thomas, senior director of analytics, A.M. Best, said insurers are creating subsidiaries, building new relationships and transferring liabilities in an effort to prepare for possible outcomes, depending on how Brexit proceeds. (Aug. 20, 2018)


NRRA Deems: Despite Federal Law, Some States Obstruct Risk Retention Groups

Joseph Deems, executive director, National Risk Retention Association, said the group continues to push back on state regulators and lawmakers who attempt to oversee RRGs through state-specific rules and actions. Deems spoke with A.M.BestTV at the annual conference of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association, held in Burlington. (Aug. 8, 2018)


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A.M. Best Radio


Soaring Risk: Panelists Explain How They Launched a Hang-Gliding RRG

Risk professionals behind a risk retention group devoted to covering hang gliders and their associations describe how they crafted their own risk solution after losing traditional coverage.


Prospect of Federal Rules for Cyber Puts Pressure on Insurers, States

David Provost, deputy commissioner, Vermont; Sandy Bigglestone, director of captives, Vermont; and Brenda Stewart, senior account manager, American International Group, said new rules at the federal level would pre-empt many state standards, but would also hasten the adoption of cyber strategies.


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The expense ratio and the combined ratio for Nacional de Reaseguros in the ranking of the Top 50 World's Largest Reinsurance Groups in the September issue of Best's Review were incorrect. The expense ratio is 28.4% and combined ratio is 96.1%.

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