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AM Best Webinars
Effects of Social Media, IoT

An AM Best webinar examines how social media is increasingly being used in insurance claims investigations. Also, panelists look at new technologies such as the internet of things that are poised to further transform homeowners coverage.
  • May 2019
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On Demand

How Social Media
Is Changing Insurance Claims

Legal and insurance claims experts will examine the advantages, pitfalls and judicial implications that social media is having on policyholders, the claims process and insurers. (Now available.)

Rating ILS-Affiliated
Collateralized Reinsurers

AM Best analysts examine how they rate ILS-affiliated collateralized reinsurers. Reinsurers of this type are relatively new but are expected to become a larger share of the reinsurance sector as they seek greater operational efficiency, elimination of fronting fees, and more flexibility in tailoring their offerings to cedants. (Now available.)

How the Internet of Things
Is Remaking Homeowners Insurance

A panel of technology and insurance experts will examine how homeowners insurers are leveraging sensors, monitors and data to build better coverages and provide more value to insureds. (Now available.)

Streaming Live

State of the Medical
Professional Liability Market

AM Best senior analytic personnel and insurance industry leaders review the state of the U.S. medical professional liability insurance sector.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 2 p.m. EDT

How Portfolio Managers
Are Leveraging Equity
Enhanced Fixed Income

A panel of insurance portfolio management experts will examine how pairing fixed income securities with equity options offers new opportunities for growth. Sponsored by Invesco.

Wednesday, May 8, 2 p.m. EDT

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