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Global Insurance Forum in Singapore

AMBestTV reports on pandemic risks, the impact of artificial intelligence and complexity theory, the role of microinsurance, plus coverage of the Global Insurance Forum in Singapore. AMBestRadio presents controlling wildfire damage and how artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming the insurance business.
  • September 2019
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An AMBest TV Special Presentation: Left to right, Patricia Hughes, senior vice president, OneBeacon Healthcare Group; Tim Slowick, director, claims management, UMass Memorial Healthcare; William McDonough, managing principal, Integro Insurance Brokers; and Audrey Greening, managing principal, Integro Insurance Brokers.

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AMBestTV Special Presentation: Insurers Brace for Pandemics

A special episode of AMBestTV examines how the insurance industry is preparing to meet pandemic risks, an exposure that threatens global businesses beyond the health care industry. (July 17, 2019)

Greg Richardson

AI, Complexity Theory Joining to Push Back Risk Frontiers

Attendees to the Global Insurance Summit, held in New York City, including Greg Richardson of TransRe, discussed how insurers and reinsurers are working with scientists to better understand chaos and complexity, which should help them better understand sophisticated risks. (July 7, 2019)

Andrea Keenan

Report From Global Insurance Forum: To Cover the Biggest Risk Needs, Think Micro

Attendees, including AM Best Senior Managing Director Andrea Keenan, at the Global Insurance Forum, held in Singapore, said insurers are helping to bring insurance coverage to developing and impoverished regions. (June 21, 2019)

Fred Eslami

AM Best Analysts: Cyber Coverage Growth Attracts Competitors

Fred Eslami, associate director, and Sam Hanig, senior industry analyst, both of AM Best, review insurers’ filing data that shows the top writers of U.S. cyber liability coverage. (June 20, 2019)

Myles Gould

AM Best Analysts: Rising Regulatory Standards in Asia-Pacific Will Erode Protectionism

Myles Gould, director of analytics, Christie Lee, senior director, and Greg Carter, managing director, all of AM Best said Asia’s insurance markets vary widely by size and levels of insurance penetration. (July 23, 2019)

Angela Yeo

AM Best Analysts: Europe, MENA Face Evolving Risk Environments

Mahesh Mistry, Catherine Thomas, and Angela Yeo, all senior directors of analytics, AM Best, said issues such as regulation, and greater awareness of ESG and cyberrisks, are helping insurers sharpen their focus on operational and financial issues. (July 23, 2019)

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Managing Wildfires, The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Industry experts talk with AMBestRadio about the do’s and don’ts of controlling wildfire damage and how artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming the insurance business.


Insurers Address California Wildfires

Janet Ruiz, director of strategic communications for the Insurance Information Institute, discusses what homeowners can do to mitigate wildfire damage and how the insurance industry is assisting.

Automation Transforming Insurance

Ushur Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Simha Sadasiva discusses how artificial intelligence and machine learning will impact the insurance industry for years to come.

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