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How Analytics Aids Compliance Efforts, a Deep Dive Into Homeowners Trends

An AM Best webinar examines how life insurers use predictive modeling to attain compliance. Also, a look at how data is helping homeowners insurers make better decisions.
  • February 2020
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How Life Insurers Are Using Innovative and Compliant Predictive Models

Recent regulatory inquiries are impacting how insurers across the country are utilizing advanced analytics. The panel discussed predictive modeling and compliance implications. Panelists also shared their in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment, and discussed how regulatory changes can be an opportunity for innovation. (Now available.)

Municipal Bonds: The Evolution of an Important Asset Class for Insurers

Asset managers examine the state of the current municipal bond market, the impact of tax reform and where insurers are discovering opportunities in this large but shifting sector. (Now available.)

Homeowner Insurance Carriers Can Make Better Decisions Through Data

Authors of the 2019 LexisNexis Home Trends Report examine trends by peril and developments in underwriting, claims, technology and other factors important to homeowners writers. (Now available.)

Driving Assistance Systems Will Revolutionize Auto Insurance Market

Experts review how insurers can integrate driving assistance systems to build stronger relationships with policyholders, and improve underwriting. (Now available.)

Webinar Highlights

The Insurance AI Imperative

The insurance industry is being fundamentally transformed by artificial intelligence technologies. A panel of experts will discuss the findings of a recent white paper and what insurers will need to do in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Sponsored by Cognizant.

How Data Integrations Into SaaS Core Systems Are Transforming Insurance

As property/casualty insurance carriers look to upgrade their core insurance systems, one key requirement is being able to integrate the increasing number of data sources and services required for the processing of insurance. With a growing library of pre-built and fully maintained integrations, SaaS core systems enable carriers to consistently have the data they need to move faster and be more efficient. Sponsored by LexisNexis Risk Solutions. (Now available.)

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