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The Evolving Capabilities of AI, Developing Issues in the ILS Market

An AM Best webinar examines how artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping underwriters assess risk. Also, a look at the ILS market.
  • March 2020
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Current Trends in the ILS Market

A panel of AM Best analysts examines developing issues in the ILS market, including the impact of multiple years of elevated catastrophic events, adverse loss development, and the role of collateralized reinsurance. (Now available.)

The Unseen Passenger: How Telematics Data Is Reshaping Private Passenger Auto Insurance

A panel of insurance and technology experts discusses the use of telematics in private passenger auto insurance and how it is impacting underwriting, claims and even driver behavior. (Now available.)

How Life Insurers Are Using Innovative and Compliant Predictive Models

Recent regulatory inquiries are impacting how insurers across the country are utilizing advanced analytics. Topics include predictive modeling and compliance implications and how regulatory changes can be an opportunity for innovation. (Now available.)

Municipal Bonds: The Evolution of an Important Asset Class for Insurers

Asset managers examine the state of the current municipal bond market, the impact of tax reform and where insurers are discovering opportunities in this large but shifting sector. (Now available.)

Streaming Live

Digital Intelligence in Underwriting

A panel of life insurance underwriting experts examines the evolving capabilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning and how they are helping underwriting professionals assess risk with greater speed and accuracy, drawing on a wider range of data and tools.Sponsored by EXL Service.

Wednesday, March 18, 2 p.m. ET

Webinar Highlights

Developing Innovative Solutions: Addressing Trends of Tomorrow Today

A panel of insurance experts explore why developing innovative products and solutions now to address tomorrow's trends can be a smart business strategy. Sponsored by Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. (Now available)

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