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The Challenge of Predicting Unexpected Perils

Satellites track insurers’ moving assets in times of peril, hurricane response plans need review and coverage from VCIA’s virtual conference. AMBestTV and AMBestAudio report on stories from a number of sectors within the insurance industry.
  • October 2020
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Sarah Bourke

Christian Silies

On Demand

Skytek: Insurers Using Satellites to Track Insureds' Moving Assets

Insurers are using satellites to track moving assets from perils, said Sarah Bourke, CEO, Skytek, and Christian Silies, head, Marine &Energy Composite, Reinsurance Solutions, Aon. As events that unfold over a short period of time, such as hurricanes, and that are subject to intensive modeling and then management scrutiny, the demand from management on marine insurers and underwriters has increased to come up with a view on the exposures in these events.

Marla Schwartz Pourrabbani

Swiss Re: If Katrina Happened Today, Losses Would Top $175 Billion

Fifteen years after Hurricane Katrina, the costliest natural catastrophe ever, only one-in-six homes has flood insurance, said Marla Schwartz Pourrabbani, AVP, Swiss Re Institute.

Kimberly Brown

Panel: Better Service, Less Fraud With Identity Access Management

Insurance and technical experts, including Kimberly Brown, director, product management for LexisNexis Risk Solutions, discuss how life insurers are moving communications into the digital realm, and how they also need certainty about who is on the other side of those communications.

James MacDonnell

BDO Director: Companies Should Review Hurricane Response Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic adds a layer of complexity to hurricane response plans, said James MacDonnell, director, crisis management/ business continuity, with advisory firm BDO

Ellen Charnley

Marsh's Charnley: PRIA May Offer Captives Path to Pandemic Coverage

Ellen Charnley, president, Marsh Captive Solutions, said the proposed federal Pandemic Risk Insurance Act would help provide a backstop to all licensed insurers, including captives.

David Provost

Vermont's Provost: In Time of Stress, Sponsors Tap Captives for Relief

David Provost, deputy commissioner, Captive Insurance Division, Vermont, said some sponsors of captives domiciled in that state have turned to their captive to help alleviate financial crunches during the recent pandemic.

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