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Insurers Seek Federal Backstop to Pandemic Risk

Lawmakers are considering two proposals that address business interruption insurance related to COVID-19. AM BestTV and AM BestAudio report on stories from a number of sectors within the insurance industry.
  • January 2021
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Jennifer Platt

On Demand

Lawmakers Consider Two Proposals Related to Business Interruption Help

Legislators are considering two federal pandemic risk proposals, as the business interruption exposure due to the coronavirus is larger than the private market can bear alone, industry watchers, including Jennifer Platt, vice president, federal operations, International Council of Shopping Centers, said.

Andrew Shockey

Philadelphia Insurance: Auto Claims Severity Up Despite Less Traffic

Fewer cars on the road have led to increased speeding and higher auto claims severity, said Andrew Shockey, AVP, risk management, Philadelphia Insurance Cos.

Brian Sullivan

Risk Information Inc.: Virtual Claims, Social Justice Challenge Property Lines

Last year saw accelerating change in the property insurance industry, said Brian Sullivan, owner and editor, Risk Information Inc. Social justice and virtual claims were part of an “exciting” time.

Josh Darr

Guy Carpenter: Governments Turn to Capital Markets to Finance Cat Risk

Climate change is driving governments to look for alternative ways to pay for catastrophe losses, said Josh Darr, head of North America Peril Advisory, Guy Carpenter.

Carolyn Maloney

US Rep. Maloney: Proposed PRIA Needed to Protect Businesses

The Pandemic Risk Insurance Act would create a federal backstop for a public/private partnership for business interruption insurance, said U.S. Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, D-N.Y.

Rich Vicars

Ryan Pierce

Attorneys: Fires Blamed on Lithium-Ion Batteries Can Spark Litigation

Liability related to batteries can be particularly complex, said Rich Vicars of Jensen Hughes, and Ryan Pierce of the law firm of Reeves & Brightwell. Identifying the manufacturer of a defective device, for example, often requires microscopic investigation.

Sean Kevelighan

III: Federal Solution Needed for Pandemic-Related Insurance

Businesses are frustrated with the lack of pandemic business interruption coverage, a risk so large the federal government needs to be involved, said Sean Kevelighan, CEO of the Insurance Information Institute.

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