Press Release - DECEMBER 16, 2019

AM BestTV: State Legislators Prep to Address Flood, Alternative Health Insurance Coverage, Says Head of NCOIL

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In this AM BestTV episode from the annual conference of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) in Austin, TX, Thomas Considine, chief executive officer of NCOIL, said upcoming sessions of the organization will examine health sharing and other evolving forms of coverage. Click on to view the entire program.

Considine highlighted the leading topics at this year’s event, including annuity suitability. He also spoke about working with the NAIC on competing model laws.

“If the legislators around the country had their druthers, they’d probably prefer that the NAIC to do model regulations and NCOIL do model laws, but that’s not always the way it’s going to be,” said Considine. “The NAIC does some model laws, and if it’s a model law that NCOIL can support, such as the model law on reinsurance, then NCOIL just endorses the NAIC model law and doesn’t get into the process of doing a rival model law.

“Sometimes, an NAIC model law, such as the one on network adequacy and out-of-network benefits, reads too much like a regulation as opposed to the general framework that we believe a statute should look like, so we’ll do our own.”

Considine added that private flood insurance as a way to supplement the federal program, along with alternatives to the Affordable Care Act, are topics generating discussion at the annual event.

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