Press Release - FEBRUARY 12, 2018

A.M. Best’s Supplemental Rating Questionnaire Now Available for Completion

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A.M. Best has announced that the 2017 statement-year Supplemental Rating Questionnaire (SRQ) is now available for completion through the Client Rating Portal (

To assist users of the online SRQ, there are several short tutorial videos located in the portal along with a detailed set of instructions for specific exhibits. In addition, administrators now can access the prior-year SRQ in PDF format and will be able to view and save the 2017 statement-year SRQ when it is submitted.

A.M. Best is requesting that administrators submit the completed filing within the portal by April 2, 2018. However, in the event there is an alternative fiscal year-end reporting date different from that of Dec. 31, 2017, the requested completion date generally is 10 weeks following the rated entity’s fiscal year-end close.

Questions regarding access to the Client Rating Portal, or completing tasks within it, should be directed to A.M. Best’s technical product support at +1 908 439 2000, ext. 2621 (international inquiries) or +1 800 544 2378 (U.S. and Canada toll free). For assistance via email, please send questions to

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