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MAY 03, 2021 10:56 AM (EDT)

Best's Review Examines Insurers’ Response to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Principles

 Patricia Vowinkel
Executive Editor, Best’s Review®
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OLDWICK - MAY 03, 2021 10:56 AM (EDT)
Best’s Review features coverage of “The Greening of Insurance Asset Management,” a cross-media series with AMBestTV in which top industry leaders discuss how the insurance asset management sector is adapting to meet emerging standards and expectations for climate risk and social responsibility. Coverage includes:

  • From the United Nations to nations and states, regulators and representatives are aligning investing standards with concerns about climate risk and social responsibility. In “The Push for Responsible Investing,” insurance and asset management experts explore emerging standards and expectations, along with the strategies and products designed to lower the stress of complying.

  • In “The Changing Relationship between Asset Management and Diversity and Inclusion,” industry experts share why the emphasis on values-based investing is changing how insurers, regulators and investors view asset management, including personnel, investments and corporate transparency.

  • Not all insurers have the resources to deploy across a range of investment opportunities designed to address changing standards and expectations. Insurance and investment experts explore how insurers of all sizes can better meet emerging guidelines without sacrificing business objectives in “Smaller and Midsized Insurers Negotiate a Complex Investment Landscape.”

Also in the May issue:

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