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App Enables Life Insurance Agents to Sell Policies Anytime, Anywhere

IXN Tech CEO Kevin Pohmer discusses the history and hurdles behind the company’s new mobile app for life insurance quotes.
  • Casey Montague
  • May 2021
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IXN Tech Mobile App

The IXN Tech Mobile App allows agents to sell life insurance whenever and wherever they want. Following is an edited transcript of an interview with IXN Tech CEO Kevin Pohmer, who spoke about the new product and its impact on the industry.

Kevin Pohmer

Kevin Pohmer

What is the concept behind the app?

We started looking at how agents interact with consumers. The traditional way was face-to-face meetings, a lot of paper, a lot of back and forth.

We thought, “Can we streamline this process? Can we utilize that cool little tool that everyone has in their pocket, the mobile device, and build out specific mobile apps so agents and consumers can interact and not only see what's out there from a life insurance perspective, but go further and potentially apply for life insurance from their phone?”

Not only will IXN have its own mobile app, but some of the largest distributors and producers can now have a white-labeled mobile app that has all of the data necessary to do a needs analysis, to quote and to [apply] to that carrier.

What feedback have you received?

The feedback has been great. We feel like we're taking the insurance industry into the mobile world.

We joke that agents can now sell life insurance from the golf course, the coffee shop, wherever they are. They don't have to set up that second or third meeting. It can happen right there and then, within five minutes.

How long did it take to develop the app?

Our initial product probably took about a year to get going. The biggest hurdle, and I think this is true for most software companies coming into the insurance industry, is getting access to the data. If you want to quote 50 carriers, you actually have to get the rate tables for all 50 carriers. Carriers aren't really big on giving out this information. A lot of [the access] comes from reputation, doing what you say you're going to do, and having a really high degree of security built into the software.

What can you tell us about the app's future?

We're constantly innovating and adding features. Hopefully, we'll never be done, and we'll just keep adding cool, useful tools for agents and consumers.

We started with being able to do a needs analysis quote and e-submission with term life insurance. We've added other products such as GUL [guaranteed universal life], final expense. You'll most likely see annuities and long-term care in the mobile app.

Younger agents are demanding these technologies. People are getting more comfortable utilizing their phone and iPad to do business. We've been seeing massive adoption over the last 24 months, which is really nice as we're starting to hit the innovation curve in this industry.

Casey Montague is a media production specialist. She can be reached at

The app is available in both the Apple and Google app stores.


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