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Bold Penguin: Insurance Sales Are Evolving Into Faster, Less-Expensive Transactions

Also, industry professionals discuss escalating demand for pet insurance offered through the workplace and the recent explosion of ransomware.
  • July 2021
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Ilya Bodner

On Demand

Bold Penguin: Insurance ‘Moving Toward an Amazon-Like Experience’

“We want this to be half the price and twice as fast,” said Bold Penguin co-founder Ilya Bodner, who remembers an insurance agent visiting the house shortly after his family immigrated to the U.S. Today, his company provides a very different sales experience that continues to evolve.

Jeff Amthor

AIR: Climate Change Could Reduce US Corn Production 40% or More

Climate change is expected to dramatically reduce U.S. agriculture production, including corn, in the 2046-2055 decade, said Jeff Amthor, assistant vice president, AIR.

Heidi Sirota

Demand Grows for Pet Insurance Offered Through the Workplace

Companies that offer pet insurance as an optional employee benefit improve employee loyalty, said Heidi Sirota, chief pet officer, Nationwide.

Christian Hoffman

Aon: Ransomware Attacks Up 400% in 2 Years; Can Happen to Any Company

Companies of all sizes and in all industries are at risk of a ransomware attack, said Christian Hoffman, chief executive officer, Cyber Solutions North America, Aon.

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Consultant: Almost All Core Systems Purchased Are Stored in Cloud

Also, AM Best Audio explores the push for personalization and responsiveness to insurance customers a la Netflix and Amazon.

Consultant: Insurers Moving Core Systems to the Cloud

Today, 91% of core systems purchased are in off-site internet storage, up from just 36% of systems purchased in 2015, said Karen Furtado, partner, Strategy Meets Action.

Insurers Look to Operate More Like Tech Companies 

Alec Miloslavsky, founder and CEO of EIS, said the insurance ecosystem should be similar to companies like Netflix and Amazon—highly personalized and responsive—in dealing with customer needs.

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