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App Helps Drivers Shop for Car Insurance and Provides Reminders

The CarInsurance app enables users to save on auto coverage, said Penny Gusner, consumer analyst.
  • Tom Davis
  • August 2021
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Insurers are taking advantage of innovation and technology to use speed and convenience as selling points. has developed an app to expand the company's brand by connecting with those looking to map out their finances in a quick and convenient way.

The app—available only at—provides ways to save on car insurance by comparison shopping using a “car insurance estimator,” said Penny Gusner, CarInsurance's senior consumer analyst. Following is an edited transcript of an interview with Gusner.

Penny Gusner

Penny Gusner

What does the new app do?

The first part of it is that you can input who your car insurance company is and when the expiration date is, and you'll get a reminder—depending on when you put the reminder for—so that you remember to shop for insurance, which is the second part of the app, so you can comparison shop.

What inspired you to launch the app?

We love trying to solve consumer problems. We've had people write in, asking questions that you think would be simple, like, “How do I remember who my insurance company is, and how do I figure out my expiration date?”

How does the app work?

It's super simple. You download it, and then you decide: Do you want to put in the renewal information? If you do, then you click on that, and you choose. We have the company list. Choose your company, put in the expiration date, and then decide if you want the reminder to come four weeks, two weeks, one week or one day before your expiration date.

Is there a specific target audience for your app?

The target audience is everyone, anyone that drives, anybody that has car insurance. It's super simple. I had my 13-year-old teen test it out. She doesn't drive yet, but I was like, “Can you use it? Can anybody use it?”

Is one of your chief goals to expand your customer base?

That's a goal, but our main goal is to get the brand out, and also to help people. That's what we do on a daily basis: Answer questions, help build tools, guides.

Really, we're just there to help people. That's our main goal. If they know who we are, that's great. But if we can help people, then that's even better.

Tom Davis is managing editor. He can be reached at

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