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App Looks to Help Unite Global Risk Management Community

Risk managers now have a web-based app that can deliver insight into the field, professionals say.
  • Tom Davis
  • December 2021


Morgan O'Rourke

Morgan O'Rourke

The risk management community needs to establish a global network that can tap into their collective knowledge, professionals say. That's why a web-based app is now available to help risk professionals share their best ideas and practices.

The Risk and Insurance Management Society, otherwise known as RIMS, says it's launched an app to further unite the world's risk management community and deliver the most cutting-edge knowledge and insight in the field. Following is an edited transcript of an interview with Morgan O'Rourke, editor-in-chief of Risk Management magazine and RIMS director of publications.

What inspired you to launch the app?

Just before the pandemic hit, we had a focus group with some RIMS members, some staff and board members and we were talking about this thing. Then, all of a sudden, the pandemic happened, and it shifted things into gear. We realized we do need to have more resources for people to access when they are not at their desks or in their offices or anything like that.

How does the app work?

You can also listen to our podcasts. You can peruse our risk knowledge, which is our database of all our white papers. There are a few select papers you can download and take a look. You can access our community, which we call Opis, which is an online bulletin board.

How does this app assist in terms of risk management and mitigation?

The most important part is giving people multiple touch points, depending on what their preference is, to give them the information, to help their companies and to do their jobs well.

How have users responded?

The app launched about a couple months ago, so we're building our user base. So far, there's been some strong interest. People pick up on it and start integrating it into their daily informational lives, if you will, especially as we start to get back into in-person events.

How does this app support an employer's or a business's approach or an event organizer's approach toward risk management?

Knowledge is the key here. In order for everybody to be able to do their jobs well, they need all the information that they can—whether it's the news stories that we might offer or whether it's the access to events that we have. Getting all the information, having that information available [is important]. I'm beating that same drum, but I think that's the most important part.

Tom Davis is managing editor. He can be reached at

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