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Guy Carpenter Executive: MGA Market Remains Strong Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

Professionals also discuss cyberrisk, vaccine incentives and the technological transformation of the insurance industry.
  • December 2021

Michael Jameson

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Guy Carpenter: MGA Market Growth Nearly Doubled Over Past Decade

“We did not see really any sort of slowdown in terms of MGAs and their access to business and distribution throughout the pandemic,” said Michael Jameson, president, GC Access, Guy Carpenter.

Avinash Misra

Skan's Misra: Insurers Have Evolved 10 Years Technologically in the Last Year and a Half

Pressure to utilize advancing technology and the availability of artificial intelligence and machine learning are driving the technological transformation, said Avinash Misra, chief executive officer and co-founder of, a process intelligence company.

Raf Sanchez

Beazley: US Executives Feel Better Prepared to Handle Cyberrisk Than Their UK Counterparts

In general, “business leaders feel quite resilient and prepared for these risks,” said Raf Sanchez, global head of cyber services, Beazley, referencing a new study.

Dr. Noor Ali

Healthcare Advisor's Ali: Money Talks When It Comes to Getting Vaccinated

Dr. Noor Ali, owner of Dr. Noor Healthcare Advisor, discusses the findings of a recent survey that found 67% of respondents making over $125,000 per year would be incentivized by money to get a COVID-19 vaccination.

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TransUnion Executive VP: New Study Highlights Boost in Auto Insurance Shopping

Also, AM Best Audio explores how a 'digital-first approach' is changing the world of insurance.

2021 Sees Resurgence in Auto Insurance Shopping

Mark McElroy, executive vice president and head of TransUnion's insurance business, discusses the findings of a new study and explains what's driving auto insurance shopping trends amid a lingering pandemic.

Next-Gen IT Strategic Initiatives Transforming Insurance Industry

Paul Acevedo, executive vice president and chief information officer at CSAA Insurance Group, explains how a “digital-first approach” is changing many aspects of the insurance industry, including product design.

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