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Trending Research Includes Reports on Global Reinsurance, Captives

AM Best also issues a report on U.S. property/casualty mutuals and comments on six-month 2021 results for property/casualty and life/annuity.
  • November 2021


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1. First Look: Six-Month 2021 Property/Casualty Financial Results $

2. Costly Claims Litigation Drives Up Carrier DCC Expenses $

3. First Look: Six-Month 2021 Life/Annuity Financial Results $

4. Personal Cyber Insurance Moves Beyond Identity Theft $

5. Risk-Adjusted Capitalization Continues to Increase for Life/Health Industry $


Trending: Best's Market Segment Reports

1. Global Reinsurance Outlook Remains Stable in a More Uncertain World

2. Captives' Flexibility and Control Enable Them to Outperform Commercial Peers $

3. Expanding Opportunities Boost Surplus Lines Growth and Spur Improved Operating Profits $

4. COVID-19 Forges a Double-Edged Sword for US Property/Casualty Mutuals $

5. Canada Insurance: P/C Segment Remains Resilient, L/A Segment Outlook Turns to Stable $

Social Inflation

Trending: Best's Commentary

1. Boy Scouts of America Dispute Reveals Myriad Social Inflation Concerns

2. Hurricane Ida Losses Manageable for the Insurance Industry

3. Henan Flood Losses Expected to be Manageable for China Insurers

4. HSBC's Acquisition of AXA Singapore Highlights Singapore Life Insurance Growth Prospects


Trending: AM Best TV - Research Coverage

1. COVID-19 Served Effectively as the Caribbean's 'Major Catastrophe in 2020'

2. Litigation Drives Up Carriers' Defense and Cost Containment (DCC) Expenses

3. Munich Re Takes Top Spot on List of World's 50 Largest Reinsurers

4. Insurers Increased Private Equity Investments in 2020

5. ESG a 'Primary Factor' in 13% of Global Rating Actions Over 12-Month Period

These were the top trending research and commentary reports from July 23 to Sept. 23.

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