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Stronger Hurricanes May Put More Inland Areas at Risk in the Future

Also, insurance industry professionals discuss pet prescription coverage and new regulations on the use of commercial drones.
  • April 2021
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Roger Grenier

On Demand

AIR Worldwide: Hurricane Risk Growing Beyond Coastal Areas

By the year 2050, stronger hurricanes may pose a greater threat to inland areas, said Roger Grenier, senior vice president, AIR Worldwide. The firm, in collaboration with the Brookings Institution and Axis, released a report about potential impacts from strong storms.

Heidi Sirota

Nationwide Teams Up With Walmart to Offer Streamlined Pet Prescriptions

Nationwide has joined with Walmart to offer pet owners lower cost pet prescription coverage, said Heidi Sirota, chief pet officer, Nationwide. Other goals are to streamline claims and expand pet insurance.

Tom Karol

NAMIC Counsel: New Drone Regs Could Boost Insurers’ Use

The use of drones continues to make inroads into the insurance industry. About 20% of commercial drones belong to insurers that are facing new regulations to fly them, said Tom Karol, general counsel, federal, NAMIC.

Kevin Kilkenny

First Cap Focuses on Homes Considered at Higher Fire Risk

First Cap Property Insurance Solutions is targeting homes forced into California’s insurer of last resort due to tight market conditions, said Kevin Kilkenny, CEO, First Cap.

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Legacy Systems May Be Holding Back Innovation in Some Insurance Sectors

Also, AM Best Audio explores why take-up rates may be falling in the earthquake insurance market in some areas.

Legacy Systems May Prevent Digital Transformation

Samantha Chow, life, annuities and health markets lead for EIS Group, discusses the need for rapid innovation on the part of insurers and how outdated legacy systems may be holding them back.

Missouri Insurance Department: Earthquake Insurance Take-Up Rates Falling

Missouri is the third largest earthquake market in the U.S., but insurance take-up rates are falling, said Jo LeDuc, director, Missouri Insurance Market Regulation.

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