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Trending Research Includes a Report on Delegated Underwriting Authority Enterprises

AM Best also comments on P/C and Life/Annuity industries as well as insurer defined benefit plans and the insurance markets in Mexico and Trinidad & Tobago.
  • June 2021
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  1. US P/C Insurers Perform Well Despite COVID-19 $
  2. P/C Rating Affirmations Continue to Dominate Despite COVID-19 Pandemic $
  3. Manageable COVID Costs, Delayed Care Improve Health Insurers' Profits $
  4. London and Bermuda Attract Capital as Insurance Market Conditions Improve
  5. Low Interest Rates Leading to Sharp Decline in Insurer Defined Benefit Plans $

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  1. Delegated Underwriting Authority Enterprises Prove Their Worth Across the Insurance Distribution Model $
  2. US Life/Annuity Industry Weathers the Pandemic Well in 2020 $
  3. ILS Market Endures Elevated Catastrophe Activity and Global Pandemic in 2020 $
  4. P/C Industry Maintains Strong Capital in the Face of 2020 Challenges $
  5. Market Segment Outlook: Global Non-Life Reinsurance

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  1. US Life Insurance Products to Change in Reaction to New 7702 Tax Rules
  2. Mexico Insurance Industry's Capitalization Remains Sound Amid Changes in Investment Credit Quality
  3. Budget Highlights the Growing Contribution of Insurance Premium Tax to UK Finances
  4. New Trinidad &Tobago Insurance Rules Finally Implemented in 2021
  5. P/C Insurers Return Nearly $13 Billion in Premiums as COVID-19 Reduces Exposure

Trending: AM Best TV - Research Coverage

  1. AM Best: Insurer Defined Benefit Plans Face Ongoing Low Interest Rate Pressure
  2. AM Best: 'Resilient' Title Insurance Outlook Revised to Stable
  3. AM Best: Lower Auto Claims Offset Higher Cat Losses for P/C Industry in 2020
  4. AM Best: Health Insurers Brace for 2021 Challenges
  5. AM Best: Despite Investment Challenges, Mexico's Insurers' Capitalization Remains Sound

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