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Trending Research: Report on the Impact of ESG Factors on AM Best Ratings

Other trending research includes reports on wildfires, captives and trade credit insurers.
  • October 2021
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Trending: Best's Special Reports

1. Impact of ESG Factors on AM Best's Rating Actions $

2. Insurance Companies Remain Prime Targets for Private Equity $

3. An Approach to Comparing Insurers' Interest Rate Assumption Changes $

4. Weather Conditions Portend Another Destructive Year of Wildfire Losses $

5. Cannabis Market Growth Expected but Federal Laws Remain a Roadblock $

Trending: Best's Market Segment Reports

1. Captives' Flexibility and Control Enable Them to Outperform Commercial Peers $

2. As Government Backstops End, Trade Credit Insurers Are Well Prepared

3. Market Segment Outlook: Mexico Insurance

4. Market Segment Outlook: Japan Life Insurance

5. Market Segment Outlook: Malaysia Non-Life Insurance

Trending: Best's Commentary

1. German Insurers Well Positioned to Respond to Natural Catastrophes in 2021

2. Henan Flood Losses Expected to be Manageable for China Insurers

Trending: AM Best TV - Research Coverage

1. Insurers Increased Private Equity Investments in 2020

2. COVID-19 Served Effectively as the Caribbean's 'Major Catastrophe in 2020'

3. Cannabis Insurance Market Poised for Growth

4. Litigation Drives Up Carriers' Defense and Cost Containment (DCC) Expenses

5. Insurance Industry Increased Hedge Fund Investment in 2020

These were the top trending research and commentary reports from June 23 to Aug. 23.

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