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The Many Facets of Diversity & Inclusion

The November issue also includes coverage of the homeowners insurtech sector, AM Best’s exclusive ranking of homeowners insurers and an excerpt from an AM Best report on three early stage health insurers.
  • Patricia Vowinkel
  • November 2021
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Discussions about diversity and inclusion often focus specifically on the demographics of the workforce and efforts to create a more inclusive environment. But the issues for the insurance industry go much deeper.

Insurers not only employ hundreds of thousands of people but also sell to a wide, diverse consumer base. Insurers make critical decisions daily about how to price products to be competitive, but also account for risk.

Best's Review joined with AM Best TV to talk to industry leaders about the many facets of diversity and inclusion, the steps insurers have been taking to promote diversity and inclusion, problems that have emerged and the challenges that still lie ahead.

Our coverage includes three panel discussions: “Best Practices for Building a Diverse and Inclusive Insurance Workforce,” “Advancing Technology Exposes Insurers to Bias Risk,” and “How Insurers Profit by Serving a Diverse and Inclusive Customer Base.”

Panels discussed Black-owned insurance companies, the need for regulatory and policy changes,and a story about the day after George Floyd's death at one insurance company.

To watch the panel discussions, which aired on AM Best TV in October, go to

The November issue also includes coverage of homeowners insurance, specifically turning an eye to insurtechs and recent startups. In “Homeowners Insurtech Segment Expands Lines, Forms Partnerships, Adds Services,” Best's Review includes a guide to who's who in homeowners insurtechs.

The insurance industry has been a hotbed of activity, with insurtechs and other new insurance startups launching, forming partnerships, making acquisitions and raising money through public offerings. In the health sector, new entrants are rare. But three early stage health insurance carriers—Clover Health Investments Corp., Oscar Health Inc. and Bright Health Group Inc.—have gone public in 2021.

November is Health Insurance Awareness Month and in this issue, Best's Review has included an excerpt from the recently published Best's Special Report: Public Equity Markets a Capital Lifeline for Three Early Stage Health Insurers.

In the life insurance sector, sales have been booming, with the industry posting its biggest sales gain since 1983. Best's Review explores the reasons for the banner year and examines whether it is sustainable in “Life Insurance Sales Are Up, But for How Long?”

Also, check out “Space Invaders: Recent Private Spaceflights Have Insurers Eyeing New Coverages” for an exploration of new developments in coverage for space tourism.

The 2021 edition of AM Best's Guide to Understanding the Insurance Industry will be available on Amazon this month. The guide is an easy-to-follow introduction to the insurance industry for students, new employees, prospects and those who would like to learn more about the industry.

Patricia Vowinkel, Executive Editor,

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