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Everest Re CEO: Companies Investing in Data and Analytics Can Identify Profitable Niches

Also, industry professionals discuss the U.S. life insurance protection gap and the rise of indemnity claims during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • November 2021

Juan Andrade

On Demand

Everest Re: Demand Plus Exposure Growth Create Opportunity for Reinsurers, Insurers

Companies that spent significant capital on data, analytics and technology are better positioned to price and identify niches and segments that can be profitable, said Juan Andrade, president and CEO, Everest Re Group Ltd.

Heather Majewski

Swiss Re: US Life Insurance Protection Gap at $25 Trillion

A new study from Swiss Re concludes the average U.S. household needs an additional $500,000 in life insurance following the loss of a breadwinner, said Heather Majewski, head of life & health solutions for the Americas, Swiss Re.

Tina Queen

Mitchell International: Indemnity Claims Dominate During Pandemic

Data shows that 73% of COVID-19 workers' compensation claims since the beginning of the pandemic were indemnity only, said Tina Queen, senior manager of product management, Mitchell International. Indemnity claims are lost wages expected to be paid to a worker recovering from a work-related injury or illness.

Karthik Ramanathan

AIR: Storms Like Hurricane Ida Are Changing Cat Models

Slower-moving and wetter storms such as Hurricane Ida are becoming more common, said Karthik Ramanathan, vice president and principal engineer, AIR.

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CEO: COVID-19 Changed Attitudes About Life Insurance and Retirement Investing

Also, AM Best Audio explores how and why more insurers are embracing the idea of touchless claims and the process for implementation.

COVID-19 Illustrates Need for Life Insurance to Consumers

Chris Blunt, president and CEO of Fidelity &Guaranty Life, discusses the findings of a new report on how the pandemic is shifting attitudes regarding life insurance and retirement investing.

Unlocking the Value of Touchless Claims

Andrew Schwartz, an analyst on Celent's North America property and casualty team, explains how and why more insurers are embracing the concept of touchless claims and the steps needed to implement them into their claims departments.

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