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Trending Research Includes Reports on the UK Life Insurance Market and the London Market Segment

Other trending research includes reports on U.S. P/C results in 2021 and the troubled Florida property market.
  • July 2022


Trending: Best's Special Reports

1. Publicly Traded P/C Insurers Post Strong Gains Despite Catastrophes $

2. US Life/Annuity Insurers' Revenue Rebounded in 2021 $

3. Rapidly Evolving Digital Environment Revamps Distribution for P/C Insurers $

4. Earnings of US Publicly Traded Health Insurers Decline as Utilization Approaches Normalcy $

5. IFRS 17: Transitioning to a Standard With New Concepts and Terminology

United Kingdom

Trending: Best's Market Segment Reports

1. Market Segment Outlook: United Kingdom Life Insurance

2. Market Segment Outlook: London Market Insurance

3. Difficult Environment for US Medical Professional Liability $

4. Market Segment Outlook: South Korea Non-Life Insurance

5. Market Segment Outlook: United Kingdom Non-Life Insurance

Property Market

Trending: Best's Commentary

1. Troubled Florida Property Market Participants Under Immense Pressure

2. Implications of Ukraine Invasion on Global Insurance Industry

3. Reinsurers Count the Cost as Australia Endures Another Devastating Flood Season

4. ESG and Insurance Credit Ratings: Frequently Asked Questions

5. Secondary Perils Increasingly Responsible for Largest US Catastrophes


Trending: AM Best TV - Research Coverage

1. AM Best's Briefing - The Florida Property Market in Flux

2. AM Best: Negative Outlook Maintained for UK Non-Life Sector

3. AM Best: Elevated Loss, Litigation Challenge Florida Property Insurers

4. AM Best: Reinsurers Are Likely to Bear the Brunt of 2022 Australia Flood Claims

5. AM Best's Briefing: State of the U.S. Medical Professional Liability Sector 2022

These were the top trending research and commentary reports from March 23-May 23, 2022.

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