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Author: Companies Must Use Discipline When Making Technology Choices

RightSure’s Jeff Arnold says companies must consider why and how they are using technology.
  • Lori Chordas
  • August 2022

Tech-Enabled, Tech-Forward or Tech-Shackled: Which Are You?

Jeff Arnold, founder of RightSure Insurance Group, is also author of the book Tech-Enabled, Tech-Forward or Tech-Shackled: Which Are You? Despite whatever category they fall into, he said companies can successfully integrate technology into their operations by making it a collaborative effort and focusing on the end goal, thereby turning what is often a confusing undertaking into a more disciplined thought process.

Following is an edited transcript of the AM Best TV interview with Arnold.

Jeff Arnold

Jeff Arnold

How did the idea for the book come about?

Each year I take a week to get away from emails, phone calls and meetings to focus entirely on life goals, write and maintain clarity and direction for my company. It was one of those mornings where I'm staring into my cup of coffee and these thoughts just kind of rage into my mind, so I quickly cataloged, memorized and wrote them down because the universe was speaking to me something very clear that said, “Jeff, you often run out and adopt the latest technology without fully understanding where it fits.”

After some critical self-dialogue and deep introspection, I had the epiphany that I'm either tech-forward, tech-enabled or tech-shackled because sometimes I don't apply the discipline needed before I run out and try to integrate technology into my life or organization.

Can you describe each of those categories?

Tech-enabled, as I describe it, is a company that integrates technology to make them more efficient. A tech-forward company uses technology to revolutionize a process or change an industry, while a tech-shackled company adopts technology that interferes with or inhibits the agent or customer journey.

You have to be very intentional and dedicate time to critically challenge your decision. Press it up against where you want your company to be or why you're using this technology. We all agree that technology is integral, relative and must be adopted. If you're going to be an effective executive, you have to discipline and intentionally critically think about why you are using the technology.

Every company, managing general agency and agency has fallen into each of these categories with respect to how to change it. That's why I hope my primer can be a personal reminder to clarify your thoughts about why you're integrating or adopting a particular technology.

What do insurers need to do to successfully integrate technology into their firms?

Always challenge your thoughts, prejudices, beliefs and the end use of a particular technology. Is it to make it easier for clients, staff, accounting, finance or IT? Make sure that the end goal aligns each step along the way with the new technology that you're trying to roll out.

Lori Chordas is a senior associate editor. She can be reached at

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