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App Provides Tips to Homeowners Before a Disaster Strikes

The app from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners allows people to track their home inventory.
  • Tom Davis
  • August 2022

Home Inventory App

An accurate home inventory gives an insurance carrier the information it needs to help settle claims after a catastrophic event. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has an app that allows people to quickly and easily build their inventory before such a situation occurs.

The app also provides tips on handling catastrophic events and guidance on filing a claim if a disaster strikes. Best's Review discussed the app with Laura Kane, director of communications for the NAIC.

Following is an edited transcript of an interview with Kane.

Laura Kane

Laura Kane

Please tell us about the need for the NAIC Home Inventory App.

We were working on a consumer campaign called “What the Flood!” and that is really focused on a few things, helping people understand their risks, understand what's covered and what isn't covered, and then, of course, helping them through the claims process.

As we were working on the campaign, we decided we needed to offer consumers a tool that would help them with the claims process, which allows them to get that home inventory cataloged, in a convenient way.

What does the app do?

It offers people mitigation tips, things that they can do before a disaster strikes so that, hopefully, it won't be as impactful. It also enables them to categorize their belongings by room, to include things like the photograph and QR codes, to get an accurate inventory, which can easily be downloaded to their claim form. It also offers tips on how to file a claim, should they need to.

How can the app be useful?

The app is useful for everybody because, as you know, when disaster strikes, a lot of homeowners have not taken the time to do an accurate home inventory, or the home inventory is lost.

The beautiful thing about this is it enables you to keep it on your phone, have photos and access to all of your stuff, and easily add to it as you start to get more stuff, and so it makes it easier for insurance companies and better for homeowners.

How does the app make the experience more user-friendly?

I think because it takes you from the very beginning, by offering people tips such as clearing away defensible space from their homes, making sure that they don't have flying objects in their patio—should they be expecting a hurricane.

Tom Davis is managing editor. He can be reached at

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