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Trending: Best’s Research
Trending Research Includes Reports on IFRS 17, the London Market and Best’s Impairment Study

Other trending research includes reports on D&O, U.S. MPLI and the Florida property market.
  • August 2022


Trending: Best's Special Reports

1. IFRS 17: Transitioning to a Standard With New Concepts and Terminology

2. P/C Snapshot: Insurers Navigate Pandemic and Elevated Secondary Perils $

3. Best’s Impairment Rate and Rating Transition Study — 1977 to 2021 $

4. Strong Performance, New Investments Drive Growth in Insurers’ Private Equity Allocations $

5. Vertical Integration Momentum Builds as U.S. Health Insurers Seek to Expand Capabilities $

D&O Insurance

Trending: Best's Market Segment Reports

1. D&O Insurance: Positive 2021 Results, but the Segment Still Faces Formidable Challenges $

2. Market Segment Outlook: London Market Insurance

3. Difficult Environment for US Medical Professional Liability

4. Market Segment Outlook: South Korea Non-Life Insurance

5. Market Segment Outlook: India Non-Life Insurance

Property Market

Trending: Best's Commentary

1. Troubled Florida Property Market Participants Under Immense Pressure

2. Despite New Reform Law, Florida Property Insurers to Face Continued Financial Pressures $

3. Embedded Insurance Gradually Gaining Traction

4. Market Preparedness for IFRS 17 in the MENA Region Varies

5. Spike in Pandemic-Related Claims for Taiwan’s Non-Life Segment


Trending: AM Best TV - Research Coverage

1. AM Best's Briefing - The Florida Property Market in Flux

2. AM Best: Elevated Loss, Litigation Challenge Florida Property Insurers

3. AM Best’s Briefing: State of the U.S. Medical Professional Liability Sector 2022

4. AM Best’s Briefing - D&O Market: Start of a New Underwriting Cycle?

5. AM Best: Negative Outlook Maintained for UK Non-Life Sector

These were the top trending research and commentary reports from April 23-June 23, 2022.

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