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South Carolina court issues business interruption ruling and New Jersey governor signs new auto insurance legislation.
  • September 2022

Business Interruption Insurance: South Carolina's highest court has ruled the COVID-19 virus has not caused direct physical damage to properties and upheld an insurer's denial of business interruption coverage caused by government-ordered restrictions on business operations.

The South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that claims for coverage by Sullivan Management LLC, which operates Carolina Ale House properties, were properly denied by Fireman's Fund and Allianz Global Risks. Sullivan sought coverage for losses after Gov. Henry McMaster temporarily prohibited restaurants from providing on-site dining to limit the spread of the virus, it said.

Auto Insurance: New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has signed legislation raising minimum auto insurance coverage levels.

Murphy signed S. 481, which will raise the minimum amount of liability insurance for drivers from its current $15,000 coverage level to $25,000 beginning in 2023, and a minimum of $35,000 starting in 2026.

It would raise the limits again to $35,000/$70,000/$25,000 in January 2026, it said.

Under the legislation, about 1.1 million drivers would see premium increases of $120 to $130 annually, the American Property Casualty Insurance Association said.

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