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App Helps Empower Households to Manage Insurance, Risk

Marble provides a platform for people to earn rewards for protecting their property.
  • Tom Davis
  • September 2022

Self-Management App

The insurance industry says it wants to empower people to proactively manage their insurance and risk—and one company says it's found a way to help households organize and optimize their insurance needs all in one space. Marble, a company that provides a platform for people to self-manage their insurance, now has an app that also allows households to earn rewards such as gift cards or cryptocurrencies. Best's Review discussed the app with Adi Sundar, chief technical officer, Marble. Following is an edited transcript of an AM Best TV interview with Sundar.

Adi Sundar

Adi Sundar

What was the inspiration for the app?

In the last five to 10 years you've seen a lot of innovation in the fintech space, a lot of really good products that have made investing a lot easier. But that hasn't really been done in the insurance space. It's been a lot of innovation and distribution but not a lot in actually organizing and building tools to help consumers.

So once we realized that we knew that was sort of where we wanted to go. We started off in 2020 building a web app. But then once we built the mobile app we really were inspired by a lot of our users telling us they wanted to be able to see all their insurance policies, all the coverage details, the payment details, everything in one place, in one app.

Does providing that all-in-one insurance rewards platform make it user-friendly?

The reason people stay and why we have some of the best retention numbers in the industry is because we think it makes it so much easier to have all your documents, all your information, all your coverage details in one place.

How does it provide a secure service so that people can protect their households and what they love, particularly when there is a catastrophe?

We've sort of put a lot of these terms in layman's terms. Insurance is a very dense and sometimes a hard-to-understand financial product that you often have, even though it's required by law to have it. If you have a mortgage or obviously if you drive, many people don't really understand what is and is not covered.

Could you elaborate on how the app helps take control of issues using one account and how it helps people shop for lower rates using the spam-stopping tools?

We allow you to come on to the platform whenever and not just when you're shopping at your insurance policies by giving us either your credentials or uploading your declarations page. And then we save that securely in our back end and display that to you and you can shop whenever you're ready.

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