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Trending Research Includes Reports on Mortality Risk, the US Cyber Market and Florida Property Insurers

Other trending research covers reports on hedge funds, Japan’s life market and embedded insurance.
  • September 2022


Trending: Best's Special Reports

1. Best's Impairment Rate and Rating Transition Study – 1977 to 2021 $

2. First Look: Three-Month 2022 US Property/Casualty Financial Results $

3. First Look: Three-Month 2022 US Life/Annuity Financial Results $

4. Mortality Risk Worsening Due to COVID-19 $

5. Favorable Hedge Fund Returns Lead to Book Value Increases for Insurers $


Trending: Best's Market Segment Reports

1. US Cyber: The Hardest of the Property/Casualty Markets $

2. Market Segment Outlook: Japan Life Insurance

3. Market Segment Outlook: Mexico Insurance

4. Kazakhstan Insurance: Business Lines Demonstrate Resilience and Growth as Economy Recovers

5. Market Segment Outlook: Peru Insurance

Property Market

Trending: Best's Commentary

1. Despite New Reform Law, Florida Property Insurers to Face Continued Financial Pressures $

2. Market Preparedness for IFRS 17 in the MENA Region Varies

3. Embedded Insurance Gradually Gains Traction

4. Spike in Pandemic-Related Claims for Taiwan's Non-Life Segment

5. Pandemic Spurs Innovation Initiatives Among Caribbean Insurers


Trending: AM Best TV - Research Coverage

1. AM Best's Briefing - The Florida Property Market in Flux

2. AM Best's Briefing - Cyber: Increasing Demand, Skyrocketing Prices, Accelerating Risks. How Do Insurers React?

3. AM Best: Mortality Risk Will Continue to Be Fueled by Pandemic

4. AM Best's Briefing - Ratings Perspective on Non-Catastrophe ILS

5. AM Best: Vertical Integration Growth Continues in US Health Care Industry

These were the top trending research and commentary reports from June 23-Aug. 4, 2022.

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