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LIMRA: Fraud, Financial Crimes on the Rise in Life Insurance, Annuity, Retirement Sectors

Also, industry professionals discuss ESG and natural catastrophe recovery, global resilience and wildfire risk.
  • September 2022

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David Levenson

Maroun Mourad

LIMRA: Account-Takeover Fraud Rises in Life Insurance, Annuity, Retirement Plans

LIMRA and Verisk are partnering to help insurers combat fraud and financial crimes in life insurance, annuity and retirement, said David Levenson, president and CEO, LIMRA, LOMA and LL Global, and Maroun Mourad, president, global claims, Verisk.

Tammy Nelson

SageSure's Nelson: Insurers' ESG Objectives Should Include Nat Cat Recovery, Rebuilding

Insurers, MGUs and MGAs must stay focused on catastrophe-stricken communities, especially prone areas, after public attention has turned its focus to the next natural disaster, said Tammy Nelson, chief marketing officer, SageSure Insurance Managers.

Pentti Tofte

FM Global's Tofte: Denmark, Switzerland, Luxembourg Among the Most Resilient

Improvements in cyberrisk quality is one of the drivers moving Thailand and Vietnam higher up in the rankings of the 2022 FM Global Resilience Index, said Pentti Tofte, staff senior vice president, head of analytics, FM Global.

Jeff Huebner

Wildfire Is Burning a Hole in Insurers' Pockets

Insurance executives, risk modelers and analysts examine the growing peril of wildfire, and what must be done to combat one of the hottest risks facing the industry.


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Catastrophe Models Must Catch Up to Science, According to Karen Clark Founder

Also, AM Best audio explores crypto liability and quantum computing cybersecurity threats, deemed emerging risks by Swiss Re.

Karen Clark & Co.: Models Must Catch Up to Science

Expected annual aggregate hurricane loss today is about $22 billion, said Karen Clark, founder, Karen Clark & Co. She said an individual event with a loss equal to the aggregate amount can be expected every five years.

Swiss Re's Bodenschatz: Crypto Liability, Quantum Computing Among Emerging Risks

Insurers shoulder some of the risks individuals and businesses face, and by doing so can contribute to making the world more resilient while also fostering innovation, said Swiss Re Risk Manager Maren Bodenschatz.


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