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Auto Manufacturers Make Inroads in Insurance

The October issue includes coverage of auto manufacturers’ initiatives to offer insurance for their automobiles. The issue also includes Best’s Rankings of the top auto insurers, top published, rated single-parent captives, top Caribbean insurers and U.S. life/health asset distribution.
  • Patricia Vowinkel
  • October 2022

Tesla's move to offer private passenger auto insurance for its automobiles takes the company in a new direction. Many automakers have finance arms, but they typically limit offerings to coverage for dealer lots and warranties.

If Tesla is taking the step of venturing into the business of private passenger auto insurance for its customers, it begs the question about what other auto manufacturers might be doing.

October is Transportation Awareness Month and for the October issue, Best's Review reached out to global carmakers to find out more about their private passenger auto insurance offerings.

In “Automakers Build New Insurance FutureBest's Review delves into the latest developments as carmakers build new and more involved relationships with insurers.

In “At a Glance - Auto Insurance InitiativesBest's Review provides an in-depth look at auto manufacturers and their insurance offerings. The list provides details about insurance partners and the types of insurance offered.

Tesla has been out front with its insurance efforts. During a first-quarter earnings call, executives said they were working to ensure that 80% of Tesla customers had access to the company's insurance product by the end of the year in the United States, before exploring possibilities for international expansion.

In “For Tesla, Telematics Provides a Battery of Information for Insurance,” Best's Review examines Tesla's insurance operation.

In “Swiss Re: Technology Will Eliminate Traditional Underwriting Factors,” Best's Review reports on a risk scoring system, which uses information from car manufacturers' Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems to help primary insurers understand how to offer more accurate rates.

The October issue also includes a ranking of the top auto insurers.

Go to “Panel: Captive Insurers Cautiously Venture Into Cyber Coverage” to see a ranking of the top published, rated single-parent captives.

A ranking of the top Caribbean insurers can be found in the story “AM Best: Climate, Reinsurance and Cyber Remain High in the Caribbean Risk Landscape.”

This issue also includes a ranking of U.S. life/health asset distribution based on 2021 total admitted assets.

In “Whittling Down: In 2023, Cuna Mutual Prepares to Rebrand and Focus on Middle Market,” Cuna Mutual President and Chief Executive Robert Trunzo discusses the company's rebranding and plan to bring nearly a dozen brands into the TruStage portfolio.

The October issue also includes a feature that uses data from Best's State Rate Filings. Check out “Georgia Commissioner Blasts Allstate's 25% Auto Rate Hike” and the ranking Top 25 Georgia Private Passenger Auto Filings by Rate Impact.

Patricia Vowinkel, Executive Editor,

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