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Data Partnerships Help Insurers Roll With Technology’s Constant Changes, Verisk CEO Says

Also, industry professionals discuss growth in MENA insurance markets as well as how insurers can navigate the post-lockdown work environment.
  • October 2022

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Lee Shavel

Verisk's Shavel: Insurers Can Better Weather the Constantly Changing Technological Environment With Data Partnerships

Lee Shavel, the new CEO of Verisk, who spent five years as the company's CFO, discusses the myriad topics insurers are facing including data activation, how insurers should confront the talent crisis and an ever-evolving risk landscape.

Vasilis Katsipis

AM Best: Most MENA Insurance Markets Hold Steady on Growth Despite Pandemic

Inflation and the implementation of IFRS 17 are among the top challenges for Middle East and North Africa insurers, said Vasilis Katsipis, general manager, market development, AM Best.

Genevieve Glenn-Shipmon

Linda Stueber

Insurers Are Customizing Work Life to Meet Employees 'Where They're At'

Flexibility is key for insurers to navigate the post-lockdown work environment. AM Best Human Resources Manager of Talent Acquisition Genevieve Glenn-Shipmon and Nationwide Senior Vice President of Commercial Lines Linda Stueber discuss the new workplace reality.

John Beauregard

Sylvia Group's Beauregard: Insurers Increasingly Involved in Loss Control for Schools

John Beauregard, senior partner, Sylvia Group, said insurers are becoming new school watchdogs amid the growing threat of mass shootings, sexual-abuse lawsuits, bullying and other liability risks.


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F&G: Inflation, Recession and Health Care Costs Top Americans' Retirement Concerns

Also, AM Best Audio explores the changing role of the insurance company asset manager and the increase in outsourced investments.

F&G: Americans Fret Over Inflation, Recession and Health Care Costs in Retirement

Chris Blunt, president and CEO of F&G, discusses a recent survey that shows 80% of Americans over the age of 50 said they're worried about inflation in retirement; 71% are worried about a recession; and 66% said they're worried about rising health care costs in retirement.

Insurance AUM's Foley: Outsourced Investments Climb to $3.4 Trillion

Insurers are outsourcing their investment-grade bond mandates at low fees and using the savings to pay higher management fees and private asset classes to secure needed income, said Stewart Foley, founder and managing partner, Insurance AUM.


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