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App Uses Technology to Help Remove Barriers in Purchasing Insurance

Goose Insurance says insurance shopping shouldn’t always fall on the shoulders of brokers and agents.
  • Tom Davis
  • November 2022

Insurance Accessibility App

Inflation and the lack of affordable housing for renters and homebuyers have made it difficult for a family to survive on a single income and purchase insurance, the industry says. Insurers are using technology to help people find and access the coverage they need at an affordable price.

Omar Kaywan, head of growth and co-founder of Goose Insurance, said his company is using technology to remove those barriers so that more Americans can merely “swipe right” on their phones and access more coverage. Following is an edited transcript of an interview with Kaywan.

What was the inspiration for the app?

The inspiration for the app came from the fact that we wanted to make insurance affordable and accessible. What better way to do that is to build an app for Americans to access insurance. Really, if you can order food, hail a ride, shop on your mobile phone through a mobile app, why can't you buy insurance? That's really where the idea for this came from.

Omar Kaywan

Omar Kaywan

How does this app automate and streamline the process of purchasing insurance?

We build a list of all insurance policies, working hand-in-hand with carriers and underwriters across the U.S., and making sure that we have the best-of-breed products available for each category.

It's been said that the cost and lack of education about insurance, particularly life insurance, are the two main factors preventing people from purchasing it. How does this app help in that regard?

As indicated by numerous reports is the fact that insurance is not accessible. Most consumers, most Americans, don't know where to go and it typically falls on the shoulders of a broker or agent who doesn't frankly want to deal with these low-premium policies. They're focused on driving larger sales because that's how they get compensated. Accessibility has always been an issue. On top of that, obviously, education. We've made Goose Insurance accessible to everybody by downloading the app.

How has Goose eliminated the pain points that are aligned with the purchase of insurance with today's expectations?

We've made the process of not necessarily just buying insurance easy, but also what is that post-policy experience because insurance is only good when it delivers when you need it, and how do we make that process seamless and friendly and timely and urgent. That's what we have done within the Goose app.

Tom Davis is managing editor. He can be reached at

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