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  • May 2022
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Regulators “inflexible culture” hindered UK ILS ambitions: Lords Committee


Bermuda: Re+ILS

Catch a wave: defining the latest startups


Benefits Pro

Stop WOKE Act: What Florida's crackdown on DEI means for employers


Business Insurance

Cat bond momentum has carried over into 2022


Captive International

Silent evidence in the captive insurance landscape


Carrier Management

Why Carriers Aren't Being Commoditized, but Value-ized


Claims Journal

EPA Rule Would Finally Ban Asbestos, Carcinogen Still in Use



Commercial Risk

Pressure builds on UK Treasury to cut red tape to foster ILS and captive growth


Commercial Risk Europe

French risk managers focus on fallout from Ukraine crisis


Emerging Risks

Risk managers warned they face biggest energy challenge this millennium


Forbes Advisor

Best Covid-19 Travel Insurance Plans of April 2022


Global Risk Manager

Ukraine conflict will heighten supply chain risks and drive inflation: IMF


Inside P&C

Yield curve inversion in itself will not rock the property-casualty industry's boat


Insurance Age

Brokers facing 3.2% FCA fee rise as regulator budget grows to £640.1m


Insurance Insider

Downstream energy market 'begins to turn in buyer's favour': WTW


Insurance & Investment Journal

Pension de-risking market saw strong growth in 2021


Insurance Journal

From Roof Building Codes to 'Matching' Limits, Some Changes Underway in Florida


Insurance Post

FCA regulatory reforms no 'silver bullet' but step towards more nimble regulator


Insurance Times

Changing ransomware tactics could be a 'good thing' for cyber insurers



The Insurer

House of Lords backs demands to reform FCA and PRA


Intelligent Insurer

Space insurtech: a bird's eye view of war damage in Ukraine


Global Reinsurance

World's first crypto reinsurer launches


National Underwriter P/C

Appeals court to decide if workers' comp covers officer's PTSD


Reinsurance News

Florida renewals to be toughest in recent memory: analysts


Risk & Insurance

We Talk About Ransomware All the Time. So What Do We Actually Do When a Hacker Has Our Data?



In roiling markets, fraud rises. Banks want to understand why


Strategic Risk

IPCC “encouraged” by climate action



Jeremy Grantham: Oil Spikes This Severe Always Trigger Recessions



Trading Risk

Regulators need performance metrics alongside growth duty: Lords letter to Treasury


Thompson's World Insurance News

BCFSA bans use of 'best terms pricing'

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