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TransUnion: One in Three Consumers Cut Back on Homeowners, Auto Coverage During COVID-19

Also, industry professionals discuss employees’ return to the workplace and how the most successful insurers will use artificial intelligence to the fullest.
  • August 2021
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Mark McElroy

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TransUnion: One-Third of Consumers Reduced Insurance During Pandemic

One in three consumers reduced their homeowners insurance or auto coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic, said Mark McElroy, executive vice president, insurance, TransUnion.

Melissa Jones

CSAA Insurance: Flexibility a Must as Employees Return to Workplace

After a year of employees working from home, employers must offer flexibility to those returning to the workplace, said Melissa Jones, chief human resources officer, CSAA Insurance Group.

Doug McElhaney

McKinsey: AI Will Be ‘Ubiquitous’ in Insurance Industry

The most successful insurers will incorporate artificial intelligence into every aspect of their business, said Doug McElhaney, partner, McKinsey’s insurance practice.

Loretta Worters

III: When the Sky Is Falling, Insurance Has You Covered

Standard policies will cover a damage claim from falling debris, whether human-made or meteorites, said Loretta Worters, vice president, Insurance Information Institute.

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Allianz Utilizes Seven-Step Plan to Deal With the Increase in the Number of Wildfires

Also, AM Best Audio explores the added demand for employee leave programs in the age of COVID-19.


Allianz Looks to Mitigate Wildfire

Tom Varney, regional manager of North America Allianz Risk Consulting, Allianz Global Corporate &Specialty, discusses the uptick in the number of wildfires and the company's seven-step plan to handle the issue.


Employee Leave Programs Gain Traction Amid Pandemic

Jennifer Hader, vice president product management, Guardian Life, discusses the increased demand for employee leave programs with the goal of a comprehensive absence management experience that supports optimal return-to-work outcomes.

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